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Instagram’s Latest Feature

Did you know that Instagram is reportedly testing an exciting new feature that will allow users to pin posts to their profiles? Yes this is true. Some Instagram users have already reported seeing a new ‘Pin to your profile’ option by pressing the three-dot icon above their posts. But what is the function of this new feature? Then you will be excited to know that this latest feature will help users to display some of their posts at the top of their profile. It is almost similar to the Pin Post feature offered by Twitter and Facebook. While Instagram hasn’t officially announced details about these features, researchers believe it will allow users to rearrange posts on their profiles and highlight their favorite posts.

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How will Instagram’s latest ‘Pin to your profile’ feature work?

Don’t want your favorite Instagram posts to be highlighted in your photo grid? You definitely want to. Then the exciting new pin-to-your-profile will help users in several ways:
This will allow users to highlight their favorite and valuable posts who frequently post on Instagram.
This new feature will expand the ability to post. This will provide a much simpler process of highlighting a post in a story and pinning it to your profile.

This can be a game-changer for content creators as it will allow them to capture the special attention of their target audience and gain greater reach for their posts.
This will enable your audience to see the post you want to highlight first.
This can be an effective way to introduce yourself to new followers or page visitors by showing your best content.
The new Pin feature will provide greater self-control over how their platform appears to others.

In January, Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer, leaked the news that Instagram was developing a customizable grid-like pinned post that would help users decide which posts got the most views. So, let’s hope for the best and wait when Instagram officially launches a ‘Pin to Your Profile’ option similar to Facebook, Twitter and TikTok or something better.

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