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Are you an Entrepreneur? Then you cannot think of running an online business without digital marketing. This is because the current digital marketing era has given rise to the need to build a strong digital presence especially with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, most of the businesses whether small or big, have shifted their presence to an online platform. Therefore, if you want to grow your online business more efficiently, you should not only choose the best graphic designing services to create websites, social media designs, websites and brochures, but also consider hiring a graphic designing company. The main purpose is to communicate. your target audience. DDR Web Tech is a leading Digital Marketing Company, which can be your one-stop destination for opting for Digital Marketing Services including best Graphic Designing service.

Know about 5 effective graphic designing tips:

Check out some effective graphic designing tips here, whether you are creating social media graphics designing invitations or anything else that can help you grab the attention of your target audience.

1. Limit Typefaces: When you choose a typeface or font for your title, subtitle, and body text, always use fonts that are easy to read for simple and effective graphic design. This is because when you use a unique font, it becomes difficult for readers to scan it. So it is better to stick with simple collection of fonts.

2. Use Appropriate Colors: Using appropriate colors is important when ensuring a suitable typeface. Make sure they look good when zoomed. It is also recommended to apply some scale to type, shaping compositional features when you feel the need for proportional emphasis.

3. Typical Color Scheme: It is always recommended to choose a color scheme with 1-3 primary colors and an additional 2-3 secondary colors. But make sure they complement each other. Again, you can use different tones of the same color by adjusting the brightness for contrast.

4. Clear and crisp imagery: You have to choose the contrast by adjusting the brightness of the background image so that it complements the text color. The main focus should remain on whether the readers can easily read the content of the image. But it is also important that readers engage with the design so that they find the text interesting to read. For example, if you want to create a ‘cut-out’ effect, you can apply white or black text to an image to make it more effective.

5. Simple is hard: You should keep the design simple, while maintaining the basics. Make sure the elements you use have reasons and make sense. It is also important to use the least number of fonts, colors, sizes and frames. Again you can use a color combination to contrast the text, which looks sharp. In addition, you can also apply a solid frame when you need to have a copy, as it can enhance the compositional structure of a design.

These are some great tips to make your graphic design more relevant to our purpose. But many other factors cannot be taught. The most important quality that a graphic designer should possess is creativity. DDR Web Tech, the leading digital marketing company in India, is nurtured by some of the best graphic designers in the industry, who just break the rules and advance their designing skills with fresh and innovative ideas.

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